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Geeks support for educational institutions

Geekify brings dedicated tech support for teachers, students and educational institutions to make the teaching & learning process easier than ever before.

Tech Support

IT solutions for educational ecosystems

Nowadays advancing technology plays a big role in any learning environment, making it extremely important that all devices used in the environment are the right fit, without malfunctioning defects and set up correctly to make interactions smoother for students and teachers alike

Who can use our services?

Our services are fitting for everyone involved in the learning environment.

Students can rest assured that their devices are working as intended and without malware for their daily school or university related activities.

Teachers can benefit from the ecosystem that our geeks can set up to make teaching easier and more accessible to students.

Learning institutions can incorporate intelligent record keeping of students’ grades and attendance while setting up a digital learning environment for teachers and students with the help of our geeks.

Our services
Device Installation

Device Installations

Our geeks have got you covered whether it comes to setting up your environment by installing computers, laptops, printers, advanced learning interfaces such as interactive screens, projectors and whiteboards or setting up Wi-Fi or cloud networks.

Information Protection

As the world of technology grows, so does the threat of viruses, malware and potential damage or loss of sensitive information. To protect the teachers, students and everyone involved in the learning environment, our geeks ensure that your devices are given the maximum protection and share their expertise on the good practices to keep information private and secure.

Information protection
Device Installation

IT support on the fly

Geekify will act as your IT backend, resolving all IT and tech related issues such as device failures, networking or cloud issues or maintenance and repair. We offer both remote and onsite services for our customers and ensure satisfaction and reliability in every service that we perform.