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Privacy policy

Is it necessary to collect your information?

When we provide you with a service we need to collect only the information need to provide you your required service If you are an applicant seeking employment or appointment as a contractor, so that we can assess your suitability.

Personal Information which can be collected

  • Customer name, contact details and physical address.
  • Bank account and credit card details
  • Employment history
  • Information provided through surveys

How does the collection occur?

Direct collection methods:

  • Social media
  • Email lists
  • Electronic forms
  • Website and cookies

Indirect collection methods:

  • Sources available to public
  • Any representative of yours

Our method of storing your information

Your information is held in databases in ICT systems.

What happens if you don’t share your information?

- We will not be able to provide you our services as such information is required


We only provide your personal information to the service providers we have contact with. Your privacy is valuable to us

Perks of your information

  • Updated information is quickly added to existing records
  • Information is verified for accuracy
  • Customer are asked to update us with changes in their personal information as soon as possible


Measures taken by us to keep data secure:

  • Access control
  • Electronic safety. E.g. Firewalls
  • Maintaining an audit trail when any information is updated
  • Keeping information as confidential as required


  • You may be sent direct marketing information such as promotions. This may be come by sending you an e-mail, SMS or via mobile or telephone

Easy opt-out option to stop receiving such information.